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These are the main headlines reviewed by our editorial and research team for today.


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Two Killed In Shooting Outside Synagogue In Germany


Lithium-Ion Batteries Win Chemistry Nobel Prize


Reports That The EU Ready To Make ‘Major Concession’ On Brexit Deal


Top EU Official Sassoli Warns No-Deal Brexit Could Be A ‘Catastrophe’


EU May Offer To Extend Deadline For Brexit Deal To June


Barnier Says New Brexit Deal By Deadline Next Week ‘Very Difficult But Possible’


Romania’s Second Proposal For EU Commissioner Rejected


United Nations Could Run Out Of Money In A Few Weeks


White House ‘Will Not Co-Operate With Impeachment Inquiry’


Former Boxing Champion Jeff Fenech Has Successful Six-Hour Heart Valve Surgery


Italy Says Malta Migration Accord Is Already Operational


Italian Parliament Votes To Reduce Number Of MPs


Irish PM Leo Varadkar Says Brexit Deal ‘Very Difficult’ Before The 31 October


German Cabinet Approves Climate Protection Measures


China Plans To Restrict Visas For U.S. Visitors With ‘Anti-China’ Links


Natalie Imbruglia Announces Birth Of Max Valentine Imbruglia, First Child After IVF Pregnancy


Thomas Cook UK Store Estate Sold To Hays Travel


British Trade Secretary Lays Groundwork For Independent Seat At WTO


Australian Prosecutors Argue No Grounds For Cardinal George Pell’s Final Sex Crimes Appeal


Zantac Heartburn Medicine Recall In UK


Ecuador President Moreno Flees The Capital Amid Growing Unrest


Dead whale shark washed ashore in West Sumatra, Indonesia
An official (R) measures the size of a whale shark (Rhincodon typus) carcass on the shore of Teluk Betung beach in West Sumatra, Indonesia.. EPA-EFE/RAJO BATUAH


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