Conservatives in the UK extend lead over Labour to 10 points despite chaotic week

epa07819644 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson waits fro the arrival of US Vice President Mike Pence for the meeting inside 10 Downing Street, London, Britain, 05 September 2019. Media reports staet that talks betwen the two men are likely to include countering Iranian influence in the Middle East and the threat of Chinese influence in Europe, also the Brexit-related chaos which the British Government finds its self in. EPA-EFE/WILL OLIVER

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The Conservatives have extended their lead over Labour as pro-Brexit voters return to the party, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

Despite a week of political, the Tories recorded a 10-point lead over Labour. For the first time since March, more than half (53%) of leave voters now intend to vote Conservative. Almost half of all voters (46%) now think the Conservative party has in effect become the Brexit party.

On the otherhand, Johnson’s personal ratings have been dented after his bruising week in the Commons. Now only just over a third (36%) think he would be the best prime minister, down from 41% last month. However, Jeremy Corbyn is not benefiting from Johnson’s troubles. Only 16% say he would be the best prime minister.

Only 37% approve of the way that Johnson is handling the Brexit process, while 43% disapprove. However, that is better than than the ratings for Corbyn. Just 17% approve of the Labour leader’s response, and 20% approve of Jo Swinson’s.


In the poll, the Conservatives are up 3 points to 35% of the vote, while the Brexit party is down 3 points to 13%. The Liberal Democrats are up 2 points to 17%, with Labour down 1 point to 25%.

Opinium said there was a considerable amount of voter churn, with only the Lib Dems retaining an overwhelming proportion of their vote from the last election (83% of 2017 Lib Dems would vote for the party again). Both the Conservatives and Labour are on track to lose votes to the Lib Dems among their remainer wing and lose votes to the Brexit party from their leave wing.

For the first time since the 2017 general election, Opinium said it was recording a direct shift in votes between the two major parties. Just over a fifth (22%) of Labour leave voters are now intending to vote Conservative.


Via The Guardian/The Observer



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