Concerns Denmark is vulnerable to a new wave

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (back C) visits Stolpedal school in Aalborg, Denmark, 18 May 2020. The prime minister was given a tour of the school and had a chat with students from one of the classes that had returned to school today, as part of her tour to different places in Jutland(eastern part of Denmark) on the day where Denmark went in to phase two of its reopening. EPA-EFE/Henning Bagger

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A study shows that only about one percent of Danes had contracted the coronavirus, Danish officials said Wednesday, raising concerns Denmark is vulnerable to a new wave.

The report was released by the Danish health agency SSI, which operates under the health ministry and is responsible for the surveillance of infectious diseases.

Out of 2,600 randomly selected Danes, 1,071 had so far agreed to be tested for antibodies. Only 12 of those tested positive, corresponding to a rate of about 1.1%.

SSI cautioned that the results were preliminary and there were several factors that made it difficult to say whether the results were indicative of the entire Danish population.

Experts interviewed by broadcaster DR said the results were concerning and showed that the country was vulnerable to the spread of the virus picking up speed again.

Denmark on Wednesday reported a total of 11,117 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 554 deaths.

Meanwhile, the parties of the country’s parliament agreed on the next phase of opening up the country after an initial lockdown period.


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