Clamp down in Italy against illegal pay TV subscriptions via IPTV

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For the first time in Italy, authorities have taken legal steps against citizens using unofficial pay TV subscriptions to illegally watch series, films and sporting events.

So far the Italian authorities identified 223 persons and are risking confiscation of their TV, computer or smartphone. They also face imprisonment of up to eight years and a fine of 25 thousand euros.

According to the Italian law, those responsible for watching illegally pay tv stations are being considered on par for the crime of receiving stolen goods.

The activity is aimed at dismantling one of the main illicit distribution methods for content, namely the so-called IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), the latest frontier in piracy by which “pirates” acquire and recode the television schedules of the major paid platforms. to then distribute them on the Internet, in the form of a receivable data stream, by the users, by signing an illicit subscription and with a simple PC, smart-TV, tablet, smartphone or decoder connected to the network.

The probe is still ongoing.

Viewers alleged used the IPTV  platform to pirate the TV output of the major pay TV services including Sky, DAZN and Mediaset Premium.

Dozens of ‘resellers’ and hundreds of clients were allegedly involved, police said.
One consequence of the scam is that the users shared with criminals their personal data including banking and ID info, the Italian police said.


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