CiConsulta Geopolitics 2020 Forecasts – China will become even more assertive

epa07834341 The Chinese flag stands outside the embassy of China in Berlin, Germany, 11 September 2019. The Chinese government voiced against Germany after the German Foreign Affairs minister met with Hong Kong political activist Joshua Wong during his visit to the country. EPA-EFE/FELIPE TRUEBA

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What does it take to become a superpower? We don’t have enough time (or space in this article) to get into that in detail, but in short it takes three things: soft power (the ability to influence other countries), hard power (military might) and economic dominance. China ticks the first and third boxes, and is some way off the second one.

But in 2020, we expect China to flex its muscles more often in the South China Sea with its growing naval might. In Europe, it will look to expand its influence in Brussels through friendly nations, thanks to its economic aid, giving it the ability to stifle actions against their economic interests in the eurozone. On trade, it will certainly look to squeeze Trump more in the run up to his reelection in November.

CiConsulta’s GeoPolitical Consultant Matthew Bugeja’s full 2020 forecast can be accessed here.

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