China vows to retaliate against Trump’s tariffs

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China vowed to retaliate against Donald Trump, saying the US president’s decision to slap tariffs on more than half of all Chinese imports had undermined efforts to reach a negotiated settlement and would spark counter-measures.

“We have been stressing that talks need to happen on the basis of parity, equality and good faith,” a foreign ministry spokesperson said at a daily briefing. “What the US has done shows no sincerity and good faith at all.”

In a separate statement, China’s commerce ministry, which led the last round of trade talks with the US, said Beijing would adopt “other tariff escalation measures”.

The statement appeared to be a reference to Beijing’s initial response to Mr Trump in August, when the US president first threatened to tax Chinese exports to the US worth more than $250bn.

The US action also drew a sharp response from the EU. “This escalation is very unfortunate”, Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU’s trade commissioner, told reporters. “Trade wars are not good and they are not easy to win”.


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