Children: The forgotten victims of the Syrian conflict 

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The BBC carries a heart wrenching story about two sisters caught in an aerial strike that demolished  their residence in Ariha, in Idlib.

A journalist captured the moment a five-year-old girl grabbed her sister from her t-shirt as she dangled high above the rubble after airstrikes in northern Syria before the building totally collapsed. 

The tragic incident  brought the attention back to the war in Syria, where the Russian-backed government is trying to recapture Idlib from rebels and jihadists.

Journalist Bashar al-Sheikh of TV station SY-24 filmed the family trapped in the rubble when covering the air strikes on Ariha, before stopping to help them.

Moments later, the building collapsed, further injuring the trapped children, five-year-old Riham and seven-month-old Tuqa.

Riham died from her injuries and her baby sister remains in the intensive care unit.

Their father has been identified as Amjad al-Abdullah, from Ariha. His wife, Asmaa Naqouhl, was killed at the scene.

The UN said last week that more than 350 civilians had been killed and 330,000 forced to flee their homes since fighting in northern Syria escalated on 29 April.

Via BBC 

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