Ceasefire in Tripoli
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The head of the Council of Elders and Dignitaries of Tarhuna Saleh Alfandi confirmed that ceasefire agreement was reached between the parties fighting in the southern suburbs of the capital, after hours of clashes with heavy and medium weapons.

“A ceasefire agreement has been reached between the conflict parties fighting in Tripoli and the handover of security checkpoints to the Tripoli Security Directorate, as well as the return of all troops to their former positions,” the Libyan news channel Libya Al-Ahrar quoted Alfandi as saying.

The ceasefire was called for by a number of states yesterday, including the United Nations Libya Mission, UNSMIL, after a coalition of Tripoli brigades and a Tarhuna-based brigade clashed in a number of south Tripoli neighbourhoods.

The Libya Herald reports “Sources say that the basis for negotiations is a return to the status quo, with both sets of militias returning to their previous zones and barracks. The plan is to hand-over the disputed checkpoints the Tripoli Security Directorate – an official state body aligned to the Faiez Serraj Presidency Council and Government of National Accord (PC/GNA) – rather than to either set of militias.”

The Libya Observer reports For his part, a senior commander of the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, Jalal al-Wershifani, said that the agreement, which came at the initiative of the dignitaries of Zawiya city, provides for the complete withdrawal of heavy weapons from areas of clashes and the return of the 7th Brigade to the district of Qaser Bin Ghashir. Jalal revealed that the agreement also provides for the handover of clashes areas to the security directorates of Tripoli and Qaser Bin Ghashir, in addition to handing over the camps to the Ministry of Defence. He also added that the agreement came into force since Monday, noting that most forces have begun withdrawing from the areas of clashes in order for the security directorates to take control.”

The southeastern suburbs of Tripoli have witnessed since Sunday a security tension, which further escalated to violent clashes from the early hours of Monday between forces affiliated to the Presidential Council.

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