Ceasefire agreement reached over fighting in Libya – UN
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A ceasefire has been reached between armed factions fighting over the Libyan capital for more than a week, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

“A ceasefire agreement was reached + signed today to end all hostilities,” the U.N. mission in Libya said on Twitter.

According to the Libya Observer it was the UN Mission in Libya which brokered the ceasefire agreement between the warring groups in Tripoli with the aim to end all hostilities, protect civilians, safeguard public and private property and reopen Mitiga Airport.

The Libya Observer

UNSMIL announced that Libyan armed groups has agreed and signed on a ceasefire under the auspices of its Head Ghassan Salame in a meeting on Tuesday in Al-Zawiya.

The agreement included also agreeing to reopen Mitiga Airport in Tripoli.

The agreement, according to the UNSMIL’s statement, included ceasing all hostilities, halting any further hostile movement that would hamper implementation of the ceasefire, ensuring civilians are not put at risk and human rights are respected as stipulated by national and international laws and protecting all private and public properties.

It also included Ensuring the reopening of all roads in and out of the capital, refraining from taking any action that may lead to armed confrontation including all movement of forces, ammunition resupply, or any other action that could be viewed as generating tensions and ensuring that all groups under their command shall observe this agreement.

“The mission will reach out to other parties who expressed interest in joining the ceasefire but were unable to attend, and commits to continue facilitations to strengthen the ceasefire and discuss the appropriate security arrangements in the capital.” UNSMIL added.

The agreement was signed by representatives of the Presidential Council’s government, military commanders, security apparatuses and armed groups present in and around Tripoli, according to the UNSMIL.

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