Dozens evacuated from flooded homes in western Greece

Authorities evacuated dozens of citizens from flooded homes in western Greece on Sunday, a few days after seven people were killed by a violent storm … Read more

Monsoon floods wreck havoc in Nepal and India

Dozens of people have been killed as monsoon floods rip through Nepal and north-eastern India.

At least 43 people have lost their lives in Nepal … Read more

Flood fears in Louisiana as Tropical Storm Barry moves inland 


Hurricane Barry made landfall in Louisiana and weakened to a tropical storm on Saturday. The storm, previously a Category 1 hurricane, brought heavy rainfall … Read more

UPDATED: Two children among tourists killed in storms in Greece

Six foreign nationals, including two children, and one person who so far has not been identified, were killed and more than 100 other people injured … Read more

Beachgoers rush to the sea as Catania coast catches fire

A large fire broke out on the coast of Plaia di Catania on Wednesday prompting many beachgoers to rush into the sea.

One beach establishment … Read more

Hailstorm in Italy leaves 18 injured

Eighteen people including a pregnant woman were hurt by hailstones as big as oranges in Pescara in Abruzzo on Wednesday.

The victims were taken to … Read more

Bad weather alert in Italy

A bad weather alert has been issued for rain and storms in seven Italian regions – Lombardy, Trentino, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Piedmont and Tuscany.Read more

Floods cause havoc in East Siberia

Russia officials said that more than 400 people have been taken to hospitals following heavy floods in East Siberia’s Irkutsk Region.

According to Pavel Baryshev, … Read more

Wildfires cause evacuation of villages on Greek island


Four villages were evacuated on the Greek island of Evia after two new brush fires have broken out.

The new wildfires came several hours … Read more

Superfires expected to worsen in Europe

The international conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warned of the risks from new faster-spreading “superfires” in the wake of heatwaves and droughts that have … Read more

Heatwave…in Alaska


The state of Alaska in the United States more commonly associated with cold weather is currently passing through a heatwave. Weather forecasters says it’s … Read more

Heat stress spike predicted to cost global economy $2,400 billion a year 

An increase in heat stress at work linked to climate change is set to have a massive impact on global productivity and economic losses, notably Read more

Photo Story: Ice 1.5m thick carpets Mexico’s Guadalajara

 A man walks as hail covers the streets in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 30 June 2019.

A storm left a large around 1.5 metres of hail … Read more

Heatwave alert for Paris withdrawn


Paris authorities on Monday morning announced that they had removed the amber-level heatwave alert that had been declared for the French capital since June … Read more

Wildfires spread to France after temperatures hit 45.9C

Hundreds of firefighters and 10 aircraft have been battling to contain wildfires in southern France after a stifling heatwave brought record-breaking temperatures of 45.9C. Spain … Read more

UPDATED: France registers record temperatures as death recorded in the UK, Italy, and Spain

As a heat wave continues to scorch parts of Western Europe, a wildfire has broken out in northeastern Spain and France measured its highest-ever June … Read more

Heatwave to persist in Spain, France and the worst is yet to come


The current heatwave has kept a firm hold across France and Spain while Wednesday was one for the record books across Europe with daily, … Read more

Photo Story: Record heatwave grips most of Europe

A child plays at a water fountain in Duisburg, Germany, 26 June 2019. According to metereologists, temperatures are expected to rise to over 35 degrees … Read more

Italian Health Ministry issues heat alert for 6 cities, for 16 on Friday

The Italian health ministry has issued a heat alert for six Italian cities for Thursday and for 16 on Friday.

The red alert indicates the … Read more

Photo Story: The Heat is On

A man rides his bicycle under the water jet of a sprinkler system in Berlin, Germany. According to forecast, the temperatures should rise to almost … Read more

Europe on alert for potentially dangerous heatwave in the coming days


Health authorities in many Western European nations are bracing themselves for what could be one long hot summer and as a potentially record-breaking heatwave … Read more

Parts of the UK see 1,000 lightning strikes in hour


Parts of the UK, mainly in the South East, were hit by torrential rain and thunderstorms. Some areas reported seeing 1,000 lightning strikes in … Read more

Flooding and devastation in many parts of Europe after severe storms

Many parts of western Europe in the last days were hit by several severe storms that caused devastation and flooding.

Weather conditions that even caused Read more

Death toll rises in Indian heat wave

As temperatures have soared above 50 degrees Celsius in India, there have been at least 36 deaths as a result of this year’s heat wave. … Read more

UK warned rainy days ahead, possibility of a month’s rainfall in a single day

Sky News reports that some parts of the UK could see a month’s worth of rainfall in a single day, forecasters have warned.

The Met … Read more