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Theresa May accuses Moscow of ‘insulting public’s intelligence’

Theresa May has accused Moscow of “insulting the public’s intelligence” after the two Russian agents suspected carrying out of the Salisbury poisonings claimed they were … Read more

Poland will oppose any sanctions imposed on Hungary

Poland, said it will oppose any sanctions imposed by the bloc on fellow member Hungary, accused of floating EU rules on democracy.

“Every country has … Read more

Ganidi launches operation to end ‘wrongness’ and ‘establish security’ in Tripoli

The Brigadier General Mohammed Ganidi, one of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous’s leaders, said armed forces and February 17 revolutionaries’ brigades had launched an operation, ongoing currently, to … Read more

State of The Union: One Speech, Six Perspectives

Diplomatique Expert recommends the following reports from different media on how the #SOTEU was reported.

Different views and perspectives.

Eu Observer 

Juncker, the ‘sad and

Read more

Since 26 August, no NGO rescue vessel has operated on the main migration routes between north Africa and southern Europe

Thousands of migrants risk dying at sea because of a clampdown on NGO rescue ships, aid agencies have warned, in what has been their longest … Read more

U.S. issues sanctions against Libya’s militias leader Ibrahim Jadhran

The U.S. Treasury Department has slapped sanctions on the leader of a militia in Libya for attacks on the country’s oil facilities.

The U.S. says … Read more

Ministry of Interior of Presidential Council raises security alert in Tripoli to highest levels

The Ministry of Interior of the Presidential Council (PC) called on its security services dedicated to secure vital sites, embassies and diplomatic missions in the … Read more

UN warns that Idlib assault could create the century’s worst humanitarian catastrophe

Violence in northwest Syria has displaced more than 30,000 people this month alone, the United Nations said Monday, warning that a looming assault could create … Read more

White House Press Secretary calls for investigation into anonymous op-ed author

The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, said on Monday that the anonymous author of the New York Times op-ed that is searingly critical of … Read more

EU Brexit Deal possible by November

The EU’s chief negotiator said if both sides are “realistic” there could be an agreement on the terms of the UK’s exit by early November.… Read more

Extraordinary Brexit Summit expected to take place in November

EU leaders are expected to announce during a meeting in Salzburg next week that an extraordinary Brexit summit will take place in November, as they … Read more

The U.K. Conservative Party will suffer a split if May pursues her Brexit plan – former minister

The U.K. Conservative party will suffer a “catastrophic split” if Theresa May pursues her Brexit plan, according to a former minister who said as many … Read more

Convoy of flour arrives in Libya

The Libya Observer: The Crisis Committee formed by the Presidential Council confirmed Saturday the start of the distribution of flour starting Sunday at a rate … Read more

Despite the warnings, the US has neither the leverage nor the influence in Syria

Despite dire U.S. warnings and fears of a humanitarian disaster, the Trump administration has little leverage to stop Russia, Iran and Syria pressing ahead with … Read more

Relations between Northern Ireland and Britain are the worst in 30 years because of Brexit – Fianna Fáil leader

Relations between Dublin and London are the worst they have been in 30 years because of Brexit, the leader of Fianna Fáil has said.

The Read more

Erdogan warns Russia an attack on Idlib will turn it into ‘lake of blood’ 

Turkey warns Russia an attack on Idlib will turn it into ‘lake of blood’.

The Guardian

Turkey has warned it will not stand by and … Read more

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As traditional parties stumble, Europe’s top job is up for grabs – Politico


As we entered the holiday period, the front-runners in the … Read more

Professor Joe Mifsud the link between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Kremlin’ is ‘missing and may be dead’ – reports

The Malta Independent on Sunday reports that the Democratic National Committee, which is suing Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks for interfering in the 2016 … Read more

Russians involved in Salisbury’s journey in Geneva key to investigations

Intelligence agencies are investigating a series of trips by two Russian hitmen to Geneva prior to carrying out the nerve agent attack on Salisbury.… Read more

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Obama’s Speech Full Transcript

ObamaFormer President Barack Obama returned to the political arena with full force on Friday, giving a speech reflecting on the partisan gridlock and upheaval that … Read more

Progress registered on Canada – NAFTA talks

Canada’s top trade negotiator said on Friday she and her U.S. counterpart were making “very good progress” in talks to save the North American Free … Read more

Haftar eyes ‘liberating’ Tripoli, criticises Italy

Khalifa Haftar said Thursday that “Tripoli crisis shouldn’t go longer and liberating the Libyan capital is inevitable.”

The Libya Observer

Speaking to tribal leaders in … Read more

Understanding Libya’s endemic cause to its problems

Libya’s endemic chaos since the revolution which toppled Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011 stems from the absence of any semblance of state institutions. This makes … Read more

Iran, Russia and Turkey meeting today amidst fears of Idlib’s military offensive

Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey will meet in Tehran to discuss the war in Syria, with all eyes on a possible military offensive to … Read more

Migration worries German people, but Trump’s policies worries them even more – Survey

More than two-thirds of Germans — or 69 percent — are extremely concerned that US President Donald Trump’s policies are having a dangerous impact worldwide, … Read more