Twitter make it easier for users to identify political campaign ads

(Reuters) – Twitter on Thursday made it easier for users to identify political campaign ads and know who paid for them, as social media platforms faced the threat of U.S. regulation over the lack of disclosure on such spending.

The microblogging site launched ‘Ads Transparency Center’ to allow anyone to view ads that have been put on Twitter, with greater transparency about U.S.… Be Informed

Unilever won’t work with social media ‘influencers’ who buy ‘followers’ in an effort to curb artificial bots which create fake audiences

CNBC: Consumer-goods company Unilever will not work with social media stars, or “influencers,” who buy followers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it announced Monday.

Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed said the company would scrutinize how it works with such influencers and urged other brands to look at how they avoid fraud on social media.… Be Informed

Google and Facebook should take more responsibility to protect children from mental ill health epidemic, abuse and addictive behaviour – NHS

The Telegraph: NHS is “picking up the pieces” of an epidemic of mental illness among children, fuelled by social media, the head of the service has warned.

Simon Stevens urged companies like Google and Facebook to take more responsibility for the pressures they place on children.… Be Informed

First complaints against Social Media platforms following GDPR law changes


The Financial Times report that Facebook and Google became the first large tech groups to be accused of breaking the EU’s far-reaching new privacy rules that came into force on Friday when an Austrian activist who has already beaten Facebook in a major privacy case filed complaints against them across Europe.… Be Informed

80% of Malta’s population access the internet. Of these 83% own a smartphone, 75% use a laptop, 48% use the tablet.

MISCO Social Media Usage.jpg

80% of Malta’s population access the internet. Of these 83% own a smartphone, 75% use a laptop, 48% use the tablet. “People are becoming increasingly mobile when it comes to communication and sourcing of information and this is a trend which is bound to keep increasing because the success of social media is a generational one,” says Rebecca Gera, Director of MISCO following the publication of MISCO’s latest survey on Social Media Usage Trends in Malta in 2018.Be Informed

“Don’t tweet too much” – Vatican says that cloistered nuns should use social media with sobriety and discretion


The Vatican has issued new guidelines for cloistered nuns, reminding them that they’re supposed to live separated from the world and in silence — and therefore shouldn’t be tweeting too much or downloading too much news.

The instructions from the Vatican’s office for religious orders cover a host of administrative and financial issues.… Be Informed

87 million people’s data improperly shared by Facebook.

binoReuters report that Facebook said on Wednesday that the personal information of up to 87 million users may have been improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, up from a previous news media estimate of more than 50 million.

Most of the 87 million people were in the United States, Schroepfer wrote in the blog post.… Be Informed

Selfie: it is not a novelty in the human desire for (self-)expression

tanjatatomirovicNowadays, for most people everyday life comprises a comprehensive use of modern technologies, communications in the digital world as well as sharing information and content in real time via a large number of social networks. Mobile – Smart phones are with us almost all the time but their initial, primary function – telephone conversation – is increasingly giving way to other forms of online communication.… Be Informed