Malta News Evening Roundup – Thursday 9th August 2018

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These are the main news from Malta’s news portals.

Net News reports that Opposition leader Adrian Delia has presented an application before the Constitutional Court seeking a complete copy of the Egrant inquiry report. The Times reports that Dr Delia said the report should be presented to the opposition so that it could fulfil its constitutional function, and in the interests of freedom of expression because expression had to be based on correct information.

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Accountants have to be the enabling partners to their clients and stakeholders

At the first meeting of the new Council, Mr William Spiteri Bailey was re-elected as President, Mr Fabio Axisa as Vice-President, Mr David Delicata as Secretary and Mr Noel Mizzi as Treasurer

“Accountants have to be the enabling partners to their clients and stakeholders and help them harness disruption by providing the necessary peace of mind.… Be Informed

Malta News Evening Round Up

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The Maltese portals lead with the follow up on the murder of Shannon Mak. Today, a  22 year-old Dutch national Jelle Rijmpa was charged with the murder of Dutch woman Shannon Mak.

The Malta Independentsays that “wearing a white shirt and jeans the accused pleaded not guilty and requested bail, on the basis that he has a permanent residence in Malta, is a European national and has a fixed job.” Malta Today adds that the defence also argued that the accused had many ties to Malta, including his job in the igaming sector.

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Insight: The Economics of Migration – Lawrence Zammit

In recent days and weeks the issue of migration has been quite a hot issue in the Mediterranean and in the United States. At times the issue was debated more from an emotional perspective than a rational perspective.

The Italian Government has decided to put its foot down and not accept any more ships, which are operated by NGO’s and which pick up immigrants from the Mediterranean Sea, from docking in Italian ports.… Be Informed

53 hrs of Volleyball raise €651,905 for Id-Dar tal-Providenza

At the end of the 53-hour BOV Marigold Volleyball Marathon 2018 at midnight of Sunday July 1st, it was all smiles, champagne showers and gratitude; gratitude towards 40 or so young male and female players, coaches, referees, score keepers, medical doctors, physiotherapists and nurses, who decided to challenge the heat of the day and the stillness of the night and play 53 hours of non-stop Volleyball in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza.… Be Informed

Nine migrants arrive in Malta by boat

The Malta Independent: Nine migrants have been arrested by the police after they were found loitering in Marsascala after landing there by boat, the police said.

The migrants landed near the Marsascala waterpolo pitch at about 6.30pm, and the police are searching the area in case there were more who managed to run away before the arrival of police officers.… Be Informed

New migrants situation leads to new dispute between Malta and Italy as tweets fly in Italian between the countries’ two Interior Ministers

Times of Malta:  An NGO boat with around 50 rescued migrants on board should head to Malta because it provided the closest port, Italy’s right-wing deputy prime minister said on Saturday, sparking a fresh diplomatic spat between the neighbouring countries.

But a Maltese government clarified at once that the closest port to the vessel was actually Lampedusa, which falls under Italy’s responsibility.… Be Informed

10th edition of 53-hour Volleyball Marathon in aid of Dar Tal-Providenza underway

The 53-hour BOV Marigold Volleyball Marathon for Id-Dar tal-Providenza this year enters into its 10th edition.

36327641_1409362099163646_4752960828666281984_o.jpgThe Volleyball Marathon was officially inaugurated earlier this evening by H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta who visited the Home and was given a warm welcome by Fr Martin Micallef, Director of the Home and Ms Elvia George, Chief Finance Officer at Bank of Valletta and member on the Board of the Marigold Foundation – BOV in the Community.… Be Informed

June’s Full Moon as seen from Malta

There was something special about the way it looked last night.

It was the June’s Full Moon.

Photographer Michael Galea took this photo of the moon. The close up photo shows the Tycho crater which appears prominently in the southern lunar hemisphere and was named after the great Danish mathematician and astronomer Tycho Brahe.… Be Informed

EU Summit: Malta’s Prime Minister Muscat Comments

Malta’s Prime Minister Muscat tweeted “In conclusions, all Member States agree that vessels operating in the must respect the applicable laws and not obstruct operations of Coastguard. Clear and unequivocal wording justifying actions -JM”

Europe Explained special edition on conclusions of EU Summit can be accessed here.Be Informed

Microsoft Office Championship winners announced

“Industry ICT certifications are increasingly becoming more preferred than formal certifications because business feels that the requirements that these certifications hold are closer to the requirements needed by the industry at large.”

This was stated by Carm Cachia from the eSkills Malta Foundation during the presentation of prizes to three young Maltese students who participated in the first edition of the Microsoft Office Championship.… Be Informed