Photo Story: Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Italian model Mariacarla Boscono presents a creation during a fashion show of Italian luxury fashion house Fendi held in tribute of its former creative director, … Read more

Prada to stop using fur from next year


Italian luxury fashion house Prada announced it will stop using animal fur in its products from next year.

Prada said it is making the … Read more

Life Coaching – Finding your life purpose – Antoinette Camilleri

Life has become more dynamic and unstable for all of us. Very few of us, are with the same partner, do the same job, live … Read more

How to change habits – Antoinette Camilleri

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Loneliness – Is there a way to deal with it?

Loneliness. Solitude. Being Alone.

These words bring different images and feelings, to different people, at different times in their life.

In this contribution, Life Coach … Read more

New study shows that some yoghurts have sugar levels higher than soft drinks

Many yoghurts are full of sugar and the public should not be lulled into thinking they are eating healthy products, researchers say.

The conclusion comes … Read more

Use self-talk to move away from the mirror and back to living your life

It’s easy to get the message from our culture that the most important thing your body should be is sexy. In addition to making us … Read more

High-protein diets result in a 49% greater risk of heart failure

The Guardian reports how despite the fact that for the past two decades, the benefits of high-protein nutritional regimes have been relentlessly marketed to … Read more

Serena Williams outfit meant to inspire women recovering from pregnancy

Serena Williams outfit for Roland Garros was more than just a sport outfit. Her black bodysuit, produced by NIKE,  was meant to inspire women who … Read more

Lifestyle & wellbeing : Listen to yourself

Did you know that as much as 80 per cent of the things we say to ourselves are negative? Back in the 1980s a study … Read more

Child obesity: Is the Mediterranean diet to blame?

According to new data from the World Health Organization, childhood obesity rates in the Mediterranean region are among the highest in the world.

The new Read more

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Good news for hair loss concerns


Scientists may have accidentally stumbled onto a cure for male pattern baldness. A drug initially developed for treat osteoporosis – brittle bone disease – has … Read more

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What are the sunglasses styles to expect this year

SunglassesThe heat is on. The sun is bright. The sunglasses (or shades) are more than just a fashion ornament. However one can’t remove the fashionable … Read more

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Now that you’re 40…or almost there, how can we embrace the normal health related frustrations


How many times we heard that it’s time to start taking better care of ourself to ensure that one get through another 40-plus years.

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Healthcare LifeStyle

The LED ‘Blue Light’ linked to prostate and breast cancer

blue light.jpegEveryday devices like cell phones, computer screens, and even street lamps emit blue light, which research shows disrupts our circadian rhythms and confuses the body … Read more