Libyan Airlines to suspend flights to Carthage airport in Tunisia

Libya Observer: Libyan Airlines announced on Thursday that it will suspend flights to Carthage airport in Tunis, justifying its suspension to a decision taken by Benghazi parallel administration to recruit new staff at the company’s office in Tunis.

The Tripoli administration of the company said in a statement the eastern administration forcefully took over the offices with no response by the Tunisian authorities.… Be Informed

EU has not fulfilled commitments to provide equipment to Libyan Coast Guards – Libyan Navy Spokesman

Euronews:  The EU has not “fulfilled any commitments” to provide the Libyan Coast Guards with equipment to help stem the flow of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, a spokesman for the Libyan Navy said Wednesday. “Unfortunately, the EU has not yet fulfilled any commitments and all we hear is propaganda that the EU has provided assistance to Libya and its coast guards,” Brigadier General Ayoub Kacem, a spokesman for the Libyan Navy, told Euronews.… Be Informed

Escaping from Libya

ElDiario.Es : Elvis lived for a year and a half locked in a dark bunker from which he could not escape. Every day, every hour and every minute he survived sunk in his thoughts to avoid concentrating on the outside. Waking up shouting, calling his mother to explain, between sobs of pain, that he has been captured while his kidnapper hits him with his rifle in the same area of ​​his body as the previous afternoon. … Be Informed

Libya to develop plans to combat illegal immigration

Libya Observer: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Illegal Immigration Affairs Mohammed al-Shibani confirmed that the ministry is to develop a plan to combat illegal immigration in Libya.

Shibani explained that the plan attaches great importance to the Libyan cooperation with the EU countries, especially Italy, pointing out that they will go ahead with all the programs previously established including the agreements concluded with the countries concerned with the migration file.… Be Informed

Reports of new shipwreck off Libya – 114 persons missing

ANSA reports that there was a new shipwreck of migrants.  According to this report, 114 persons are missing and it was reported by UNHCR. The shipwreck happened off the Libyan coast.

“Another sad day at sea: today 276 refugees and migrants were disembarked Tripoli, including 16 survivors of a boat that carried 130 people, of which 114 are still missing in the sea,” reports a tweet from the Libyan section of the High UN commission for refugees.… Be Informed

270 people saved by Libyan Navy and Coast Guard

The Libya Observer: The Libyan Navy said that the Coast Guard of the central branch managed to save 270 illegal immigrants, including 11 children and 80 women, who were found aboard a large wooden boat.

The Information Office of the Navy explained that the immigrants were of different Arab, African and Asian nationalities, adding that the rescue operation took place 15 miles north of the city of Khoms, east of Tripoli.… Be Informed

New migrants situation leads to new dispute between Malta and Italy as tweets fly in Italian between the countries’ two Interior Ministers

Times of Malta:  An NGO boat with around 50 rescued migrants on board should head to Malta because it provided the closest port, Italy’s right-wing deputy prime minister said on Saturday, sparking a fresh diplomatic spat between the neighbouring countries.

But a Maltese government clarified at once that the closest port to the vessel was actually Lampedusa, which falls under Italy’s responsibility.… Be Informed

100 persons feared dead after migrant boat capsizes off Libya

CNN: The lifeless bodies of three babies, dressed in brightly colored clothing and looking almost as if they were sleeping, were carried carefully ashore Friday in Libya.
Held in the outstretched arms of three men close to the water’s edge, one of the babies was still wearing sneakers, fastened shut with pink Velcro straps, another with red socks that matched a pair of red and white dotted pants and the third barefoot, partially wrapped with a makeshift covering.… Be Informed

France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States state that Libyan vital oil resources should remain under exclusive control of National Oil Corporation

Libya Observer: France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States have issued a joint statement demanding keeping the Libyan vital oil resources, facilities and terminals under the exclusive control of the legitimate National Oil Corporation and the sole oversight of the “Government of National Accord (GNA.)”

“We are deeply concerned about the announcement that the Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil fields and facilities will be transferred to the control of an entity other than the legitimate National Oil Corporation.… Be Informed

Oil Trading in Libya under scrutiny

Libya Observer: The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah, stated on Wednesday that the parallel Oil Corporation in east Libya has a history of manipulating oil prices and has already offered to sell oil at a price lower than the official prices in the market.… Be Informed

25 bodies retrieved from the shores of western Libya

Libya Observer: The Libyan Red Crescent has recovered about 25 bodies of illegal immigrants from the shores of Maya town, the Tripoli Naval Base at Abu Sitta and Khoms city.

The Libyan Red Crescent’s emergency team stated that during the past two days they had recovered 15 bodies belonging to illegal immigrants in the Khoms, in addition to five other bodies likely to be illegal immigrants from the coast of Maya, and five from the beach of the Tripoli Naval Base, in coordination with local authorities.… Be Informed