Di Maio tries to avert Italian government crisis

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio called for a meeting on Friday with government partner and co-deputy PM Matteo Salvini in a peace offering … Read more

Italy to fine migrant rescue ships €1 million

NGO run migrant rescue ships will be fined up to one million euros for defying a ban on entering Italian waters under a new League … Read more

27 years since the murder of Paolo Borsellino

On July 19th, Italy marks the 27th anniversary of the murder of one its most prominent anti-mafia heroes, Sicilian magistrate Paolo Borsellino, who was killed … Read more

Sea-Watch captain Carola Rackete faces Italy prosecutor over migrants

German captain Carola Rackete, who sparked international headlines by forcibly docking in an Italian port with rescued migrants, faces questioning by an Italian prosecutor on … Read more

Another major operation against organized crime in Italy


Italian police on Thursday arrested 14 people in an international operation against the Calabria-based ‘Ndrangheta mafia.

The operation was aimed at the Muià ‘ndrina … Read more

Salvini says elections still possible after summer break

Italy still has time to dissolve parliament and go to elections after the summer break, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told daily Il Corriere della … Read more

Emergency in Mt Blanc Tunnel because of smoke

Some 67 people were evacuated from a coach in the Mt Blanc tunnel after it came to a halt because of a technical fault and … Read more

UPDATED: Big operation against Cosa Nostra in Palermo and New York

More than 200 members of the Italian Police and the FBI are taking part in a massive operation against the Italian Mafia based in Palermo … Read more

Qatar says French missile found among arms seized in Italy was sold 25 years ago

Qatar said that a French missile once owned by Qatar’s military and found among a huge arsenal of weapons seized in Italy was sold by … Read more

Genoa Bridge had safety problems before collapse – Report

The Genoa bridge that collapsed last year with the death of 43 people had a series of safety problems in the 10 years before the … Read more

Tragic death in Italy, man throws baby from second floor

Tragedy struck Naples on Monday morning as a 35-year-old man threw his 16-months old daughter to her death from a second-floor balcony and then jumped … Read more

UPDATED: Missile among weapons seized during raids across Italy

Italian security forces conducted a series of raids in the north of the country during which several weapons, including assault weapons and even an air-to-air … Read more

Violent incidents between squatters and police in Rome

Police evicting anticapitalistic and anarchist squatters from a former school on the outskirts of Rome were showered with objects from the windows on Monday.

The … Read more

Romano Prodi urges Europe to stick together

In an interview with The South China Morning Post, former European Commission President and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said that if France, Italy Read more

UPDATED: Tragic weekend in Italy as 12 persons die in road accidents

It was a tragic weekend in Italy as 12 persons lost their life in various traffic accidents across the country.

Among them nine youths who … Read more

Trash crisis in Rome sparks health fears


Landfills in flames and rats feasting on waste in the streets have sparked health fears in Rome, as doctors warn families to steer clear Read more

A new mystery has surfaced in the Emanuela Orlandi case

Another twist emerged on Saturday in the puzzle surrounding the disappearance 35 years ago of Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican employee’s 15-year-old daughter.

The Vatican confirmed Read more

Italy’s Tria hopes Atlantia will buy a stake in Alitalia

Italy’s Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said he hoped infrastructure group Atlantia would buy a stake in Alitalia, the troubled airline company the government is struggling Read more

Vatican tombs in Orlandi search found empty

The tombs of two princesses in the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetry, opened in a search for the body of Emanuela Orlandi, have been found empty, her … Read more

Photo Story: ‘Emanuela Orlandi’ demonstration at the Vatican


A woman with a t-shirt ‘You said She is in heaven, but where is her body?’ during a demostration in front of the Sant’Uffizio … Read more

Envelope with bullet sent to Salvini


Italian police have opened an investigation after an anonymous letter with a bullet inside was sent to Matteo Salvini, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister … Read more

Political storm over allegations Salvini’s party took money from Russians

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini denied a media report that his League party had sought millions of euros from Russian investors via a secret … Read more

Beachgoers rush to the sea as Catania coast catches fire

A large fire broke out on the coast of Plaia di Catania on Wednesday prompting many beachgoers to rush into the sea.

One beach establishment … Read more

Hailstorm in Italy leaves 18 injured

Eighteen people including a pregnant woman were hurt by hailstones as big as oranges in Pescara in Abruzzo on Wednesday.

The victims were taken to … Read more

Stromboli activity increases

The activity on the Stromboli volcano has shown a marked increase and is now categorized as “very high”.

After the violent explosion on 3 July, … Read more