Insight : The new Italian government’s pledge to fight corruption

LSE: The coalition that has just taken office in Rome did not begin well. But as Andrea Capussela writes, among its proposals is a plan to strengthen the rule of law, which could improve Italy’s unfair and inefficient system. Its opponents lie not only among the country’s establishment, however: tension also exists within the coalition between the Five Star Movement and the League.… Be Informed

Italian authorities should seize League funds “wherever they may be” until it has recouped some €49 million of public money received by the party’s former leader and convicted fraudster, Italy’s supreme court has ruled

The Local:  In a ruling on Tuesday, the Court of Cassation recommended a “blanket” seizure of funds from the hard-right party’s bank accounts, deposits and other assets in connection with the fraud case against its founder Umberto Bossi, his son Renzo and ex-treasurer Francesco Belsito.… Be Informed

Italian Police dismantle international gang of artefact robbers

DW: Italian police on Wednesday said an international criminal gang who stole artefacts from Sicilian archaeological sites had been dismantled with scores of arrests made.

A total of 23 people have been arrested in relation to the gang, with eight in custody, seven under house arrest in Italy, and three subject to European arrest warrants in Germany, Spain and Britain.… Be Informed

New migrants situation leads to new dispute between Malta and Italy as tweets fly in Italian between the countries’ two Interior Ministers

Times of Malta:  An NGO boat with around 50 rescued migrants on board should head to Malta because it provided the closest port, Italy’s right-wing deputy prime minister said on Saturday, sparking a fresh diplomatic spat between the neighbouring countries.

But a Maltese government clarified at once that the closest port to the vessel was actually Lampedusa, which falls under Italy’s responsibility.… Be Informed

EU Summit – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Comments

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is reported to be satisfied by the deal. “It was a long negotiation but from today Italy is no longer alone.”

He listed the elements of the agreement, including the possibility of setting up migrant centres in EU countries to decide on asylum requests, but he made it clear Italy had not yet decided on whether to have such a site on its territory.… Be Informed

Macron and Conte meet to defuse tension between the two over immigration

A report on Financial Times says that Giuseppe Conte and Emmanuel Macron held an unscheduled dinner this week to defuse tension over immigration — the issue convulsing European politics and which threatens to overshadow a pivotal EU summit this week.

According to one senior Italian official, the Italian prime minister and French president — who was in Rome for an audience with Pope Francis — held a “lengthy” meeting at Casina Valadier, a restaurant in the Villa Borghese gardens in the city centre, on Monday night.… Be Informed

Salvini’s Lega continues to to increase its support amongst Italian voters

Financial Times: Matteo Salvini’s position at the heart of Italy’s new coalition government was bolstered after his candidates made big gains in municipal elections, including the capture of a trio of leftwing strongholds in Tuscany from the centre-left Democratic party.

The victories of Mr Salvini’s rightwing alliance in Siena, Pisa and Massa suggest the 45-year old interior minister’s populist, Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant message is attracting more voters.… Be Informed

After 4 days, the Italian Government authorises ‘Alexander Maersk’ to dock at Ragusa harbour

ANSA: The Italian Ministry of the Interior authorised the cargo ship Alexander Maersk to dock at the port of Ragusa. This was announced by the mayor Roberto Ammatuna, underlining that “this is the end of the nightmare for 110 migrants who are on board who will be welcomed and assisted in the best possible way”.… Be Informed