Burkina Faso freed hostages arrive in France

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Three foreign hostages, including two French citizens, arrived in Paris on Saturday evening after their rescue by French special forces in Burkina Faso.

France 24 reports that that the French tourists, Patrick Picque, 51, and Lassimouillas, 46, disappeared during a tour of Pendjari National Park on May 1. The disfigured body of their guide was found shortly after they were reported missing, along with their abandoned Toyota truck.

Burkina Faso freed hostages arrive in France

Intelligence agencies tracked their captors across the semi-desert terrain of eastern Burkina Faso, where it appeared they would soon cross the border into Mali. Macron gave the order for the night-time raid Thursday on the militants’ camp, in which Picque and Lassimouillas were freed, along with an American woman and a South Korean woman.

Via France 24 / Le Monde


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