British new Blue passports will be “Made in Poland”

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In a report published on Saturday by The Times, it has been revealed that the passports will be made in a factory in Tczew, Poland by a Franco/Dutch company thanks to EU procurement rules.

This was after the British company who were competing for the contract, De La Rue, lost out on the £260 million 11-year-contract which was handed to the French multinational group Thales.

The passports will begin to be distributed in March, 2020.

In a statement, Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “Leaving the European Union gave us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path in the world. “By returning to the iconic blue and gold design, the British passport will once again be entwined with our national identity and I cannot wait to travel on one.”

Downing Street said the new version offers “the latest and most secure printing and design techniques”, offering better protection against identity theft and fraud as it will be even harder to forge.

Standard passports will continue to contain 34 pages. Frequent traveller ‘Jumbo’ passports will now contain 54 pages.

Those with valid, burgundy passports can continue to use their passport for travel until it expires.

Via The Times / The Independent 

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