Britain raises threat level in Iraq

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Sky News is reporting that Britain has raised the threat level for UK forces and diplomats in Iraq because of what sources say is a heightened security risk from Iran.

The UK has also put its personnel and their families in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar on an increased state of alert.

Currently there is a heightened sense of threat amid escalating tensions between Donald Trump’s administration and Iran.

Sky News quoted a source that said Britain believes there is an increased likelihood of Iran or its proxies taking action against British, US or other allied interests in the region in a way that can be plausibly denied so as to avoid triggering an all-out war.

The targets would most likely be soft such as oil infrastructure or other civilian targets, the source said.

In the last days there have been mysterious attacks on tankers in the Persian Gulf and on Wednesday Germany and the Netherlands announced they are suspending military training operations in Iraq due to increasing regional tensions and an unspecified threat.


Via Sky News

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