Brexit Delays would see voters turning their back to the Tories

epaselect epa07814685 The EU flag flutters outside the British Houses of Parliament in central London, Britain, 03 September 2019. Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a vote in Parliament from Conservative rebels who are joining with opposition parties in bringing forward a bill designed to stop Britain leaving the EU on 31 October without an agreement. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

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According to Britain Elects, recriminations may be on their way for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives if the UK’s departure from the EU is delayed.

A ComRes poll commissioned by Britain Elects asked voters how they’d cast their ballots in the event of a general election being held before the UK’s departure from the EU. The results put the Conservatives ahead of Labour by 3pts.

The report explains that these figures are not too dissimilar to what other pollsters are finding when posing the standard voting intention question. It should be noted ComRes tends to record higher shares for Labour than others, and it does appear here that there is an uptick in support for the Liberal Democrats.

“This 3pt lead for the Conservatives doesn’t last long, however, when voters are asked how they’d vote if the UK’s departure was delayed beyond the 31st October deadline. Labour would take 28%, ahead of the Tories who are on 26% – a 2pt gap between the top two. The Brexit Party would see a 3pt increase from the previous question to take 17%, and the Liberal Democrats would stand at 20%.”

An electoral backlash may be in store for Boris Johnson, in what seemingly is becoming the likely scenario of Britain’s exit from the EU being delayed beyond the 31st of October and an election to be held shortly after. Voters would drift from the Tories to the Brexit Party, gifting Labour a chance at becoming the largest party with support from the Liberal Democrats.

In another survey, the Conservatives were shown as having extended their lead over Labour as pro-Brexit voters return to the party. 

Via Britain Elects 

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