Brazil reports first coronavirus case in South America

epa08249520 General view of the Albert Einstein Hospital, where what would be the first case of coronavirus in Brazil was detected, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 26 February 2020. Health authorities warned that a new analysis for the final confirmation must still be performed. The patient, according to official sources, is a 61-year-old Brazilian who was between 9 and 21 February in Lombardy, in northern Italy, a country in which eleven deaths and about 320 infected by the virus have been recorded so far. EPA-EFE/Sebastiao Moreira

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Brazil announced its first case of coronavirus today, marking the first time the virus has been reported in South America.The coronavirus outbreak — which started in the city of Wuhan in China — has now spread to six of the world’s seven continents. It has not yet reached Antarctica.Here’s a look at the virus across the world:

Africa: Algeria confirmed its first case of coronavirus yesterday. Egypt has also reported a case.

Asia: The vast majority of cases — and deaths — are in mainland China. Cases have been reported throughout Asia, with concentrations in South Korea and on board a cruise ship pocked in Japan. In the Middle East, Iran has reported least 139 cases. The total official number of deaths due to coronavirus in Iran stands at 15.

Australia: The country has confirmed a total of 22 cases of the novel coronavirus as of Saturday, officials said.

Europe: Europe’s biggest outbreak is in Italy, where over 320 have been infected and 12 have died.

North America: At least 59 Americans have tested positive for coronavirus, US health officials say. Cases have also been reported in Canada.

Meanwhile, in Spain man has been hospitalized in Seville after testing positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, bringing to 10 the number of cases reported in Spain in the last 36 hours. Two more people were treated earlier this month and discharged.

EL PAIS reports that the Seville man, who is in an isolation ward at Virgen del Rocío Hospital, is the first confirmed case in the southern region of Andalusia. Of the 10 new cases reported in recent hours, four are in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands; two in Madrid, two in Catalonia, one in Castellón and one in Seville.

The spike in confirmed cases comes after medical sources told EL PAÍS that there is conviction among health professionals that the “virus could have been circulating in Spain for several days” already. “If we haven’t detected it, it’s because we haven’t been looking for it, and now we need to take that step,” said a department head from a large Spanish hospital. Health professionals have been struggling with a lack of unified EU protocol on what criteria to follow to detect cases.

Madrid’s regional health authorities confirmed on Tuesday the first coronavirus case in the capital, at the end of a day when other Covid-19 infections were detected in Catalonia, the Valencia region and the Canary Island of Tenerife. On Wednesday morning a second case was confirmed in Madrid, and another in Catalonia. In total, 12 cases have been registered in Spain since the epidemic broke out, although two of those patients have already been released from hospital.

The Health Ministry has raised the risk of local transmission from low to moderate. The measure has been taken “out of prudence” and to ensure that “the health systems are alert,” said Fernando Simón, director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies. “In most of the country the risk is low. In the areas where there are cases, clearly the risk is moderate, and it could even be high,” said the health official at a news conference on Wednesday.

Both cases detected in Madrid are young men who had recently traveled to the north of Italy. They are presenting mild symptoms of the illness and are receiving hospital treatment.

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