Brazil : Bolsonaro offers job of ambassador to US to his son

epa07711830 (FILE) - Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro (R) and his son, congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro (L) arrive at the Supreme Court of Justice for a press conference, in Brasilia, Brazil, 07 November 2018 (reissued 12 July 2019). Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro offered his son Eduaro the position of Brazilian ambassador to the US, which has been vacant since April 2019. Eduardo Bolsonaro is also a foreign policy advisor his President father. EPA-EFE/Joedson Alves

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday said he has offered his son the job of ambassador to the US in a move likely to reignite concerns about nepotism and undue influence in Latin America’s largest nation.

The offer to Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president’s youngest son, to take the top post in Washington comes amid a heated debate in the US about the role and influence of President Donald Trump’s family, particularly his daughter Ivanka. Ms Trump drew widespread scorn late last month after her prominent appearance at the G20 summit in Osaka alongside her father.

But Bolsonaro said his son would make a good ambassador to the US due to his language skills and his close relationship with the Trump family. “He is a friend of the children of Donald Trump, speaks English and Spanish and has great global experience. He would be able to convey our message perfectly,” the Brazilian leader told local media

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