Boris Johnson to increase prison places, vows to come down hard on crime

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The new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to introduce a series of tougher policing measures, more draconian sentencing practices, and build new prisons to crack down on violent crime.

The government will create room for 10,000 new prisoners and expand stop and search powers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Johnson said after a “spate of violent crime… the time for action had come”.

He also said tougher sentencing laws were needed.

The government’s focus on law and order will add to speculation that No 10 is preparing for an autumn general election, said BBC political correspondent Jonathan Blake.

It follows other recent announcements from Downing Street about the NHS and immigration.

Last month, the government also pledged to recruit 20,000 extra police officers, nearly replacing the number of officers lost since the Conservatives came to power.

Johnson argued that while stop-and-search powers were controversial, “the people who back this intervention most fervently are often the parents of the kids who are so tragically foolish as to go out on the streets equipped with a knife — endangering not only the lives of others but their own.”

Meanwhile, the Sunday Telegraph reported that Johnson also intends to introduce tougher sentences for violent criminals and end the practice of releasing a criminal who is judged not to be dangerous after they have served half their sentence.


Via Mail on Sunday/ Sky News/ BBC/Sunday Telegraph

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