Bordeaux calls for shutdown amid more ‘yellow vest’ protests for today

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The mayor of the French city of Bordeaux, France’s fifth-biggest city, called for residents to remain indoors Saturday and for shopowners to shutter their stores as the authorities braced for another weekend of “yellow vest” violence.

Bordeaux, one of the bastions of the four-month-old anti-government protest movement (Mouvement des gilets jaunes), has, like Paris, seen repeated rioting and destruction of property during successive Saturday protests that draw thousands of people.

This weekend’s edition of protests will be the 20th since mid-November.

Bordeaux police said they were preparing for acts of violence on Saturday and declared a large part of the south-western city centre off-limits to the protesters.

In Paris, too, the authorities banned demonstrations on the Champs-Elysees and in the vicinity of the presidential palace and National Assembly for a second week running.
Via France 24

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