Boeing 737 MAX to stay grounded till August

epa07484135 (FILE) - Pieces of the wreckage of an Ethiopia Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft are piled at the crash site near Bishoftu, Ethiopia, 13 March 2019. Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302 carrying 149 passengers and 8 crew was en route to Nairobi, Kenya, when it crashed on 10 March 2019. All passengers and crew aboard died in the crash. Media reports on 04 April 2019 state that the preliminary report into the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane ET 302 last month says the aircraft nose dived several times before it crashed. Ethiopian Airlines state the preliminary report clearly showed that the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots who were commanding Fligh tET 302 /on 10 March have followed the Boeing recommended and FAA approved emergency procedures to handle the most difficult emergency situation created on the airplane. Despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence of nose diving. As the investigation continues with more detailed analysis, as usual we will continue with our full cooperation with the investigation team. EPA-EFE/STRINGER

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects it could take until August before the Boeing Co 737 MAX returns to service, the airline group’s head said on Wednesday, adding that the final say on the timing rested with regulators.

The boss of the airline industry’s largest trade group Wednesday said the Boeing 737 MAX fleet could remain grounded for another two months or more in the wake of two crashes.

The airline industry has had a tough six months with fuel, labour and infrastructure costs increasing and trade tensions rising in addition to the 737 MAX grounding, de Juniac said.

At an IATA meeting for 737 MAX operators in Montreal last week, airline members said they wanted regulators to cooperate closely on the decision for the plane’s re-entry to service.


Via Reuters  / WSJ


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