BeInformed – Corporate Dispatch End of Day Roundup

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Libya’s UN-backed government said the United Arab Emirates used a US-made jet in Wednesday’s attack on migrant detention centre

USA calls for emergency meeting of the UN atomic agency to discuss Iran

Malta: Jury hearing the case of Michael Emmanuel has delivered an 8-1 verdict against his insanity plea

Croatia officially applies to join Euro

Malta: police carrying search for two men who escaped their custody while under arrest

Poland criticises the way EU is dealing with North Macedonia and Albania accession

Eurojust helps reveal fake organic food fraud in Italy and Serbia

Haftar insists “sale of oil is an exclusive” jurisdiction of the Tripoli NOC

Juncker complains about von der Leyen nomination

Iran threatens tit-for-tat retaliation after after Royal Marines storm super tanker

New controversy between Malta and Italy over saved migrants

Chinese Muslim children being separated from their families in Xinjiang

Virgin Atlantic flight makes emergency landing in Boston

First drop in five years in tourist arrivals in Greece

Greece prepares to head to the polls

Paris wants to ban tourist buses from city centre

ISIS takes responsibility for Tuesday’s suicide attack in Tunisia

New Greenpeace report warns of ‘irreversible harm’ from deep sea mining

Superfires expected to worsen in Europe

Opposition grows in Germany for Ursula von der Leyen’s nomination for EU President

The Netherlands mulling making it a crime to rescue migrants at sea

Pay packet inequality growing worldwide, says new UN report

Putin confirms submarine which suffered fatal fire incident was a nuclear one

Military and opposition in Sudan agree transition deal

Deutsche Telekom launches Germany’s first 5G network

PN leader Adrian Delia appoints Louis Galea to lead Party reform

Study manages to completely  remove HIV from mice

Libya considering freeing all migrants, Italian coast guard saves 55 persons whilst others refused port of entry


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