Be part of the national effort – PM Abela

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In an op-ed on the Sunday Times, entitled Be part of the national effort Prime Minister Robert Abela said that over recent months Malta faced the biggest challenge our young republic ever faced. “I remember the doom and gloom of the first weeks when tens of thousands were forecast would fall ill. I remember the predictions that tens of thousands would end up jobless. Undaunted, two teams worked incessantly. One focused on efforts to overcome the medical emergency. The second tried to limit the economic collateral and prepared earnestly for the relaunch.”

He also appealed to those in Malta so that to protect the livelihood of their families invest in the livelihood of others. “Your purchase is someone’s income, which soon enough will become your income again when that someone purchases what you produce. Support your local businesses. In truth, you are supporting yourself. Become a tourist in your country. Millions save for months to be able to visit us. You just need to hop on a bus, ride a bike or drive your car. You will not only enjoy yourself. You will sustain your fellows. If you want to save intelligently, support our regeneration plan. Help us sustain the transformation of our economy. You will not only earn interest. You will earn a new economy that will create better jobs for your family and friends. Together we stood against COVID-19. Together we overcame fear and despair. Together we will build a better tomorrow.”

CDENews via Sunday Times of Malta 

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