Astronauts not in danger after leak in from tiny hole in International Space Stations
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Astronauts scrambled Thursday to patch a tiny hole that was allowing air to leak from the Russian side of the International Space Station.

NASA and Russian space officials stressed the six astronauts were in no danger.

The leak was detected Wednesday night — possibly from a micrometeorite strike — resulting in a small loss of cabin pressure. It was traced to a hole about 2 millimeters (less than one-tenth of an inch) across in the most recent Soyuz capsule docked at the space station.

AP reports that Thursday morning, the crew taped over the hole, slowing the leak. Flight controllers monitored the cabin pressure while working to come up with a better long-term solution.

The leaking Soyuz — one of two up there — arrived at the orbiting lab in June with three astronauts. It’s their ride hom