Argentina not ruling out cyber-attack after ‘unprecedented’ power blackout

epa07652561 View of traffic lights not working in Independence Square, in Montevideo, Argentina, 16 June 2019, among a powercut affecting Argentina and Uruguay. A massive power failure has left Argentina and Uruguay entirely without access to electricity, an energy provider said on 16 June. EPA-EFE/Concepcion M.Moreno

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Argentina said it is not ruling out a cyber-attack after what President Mauricio Macri called an “unprecedented” power blackout struck five South American countries – Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay – on Sunday.

Macri said Argentina is investigating the incident, which began with a yet unexplained fault in its power grid that led to outage.

Power has been restored to much of the effected areas.

Though a cyber-attack is not the primary hypothesis, it cannot be ruled out, Argentine Energy Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui told reporters in Buenos Aires. Lopetegui insisted that the country’s electrical system was “very robust,” but added that the exact cause of this failure was unclear.

The outage occurred as people in Argentina were preparing to go to the polls for local elections, delaying voting in several regional provinces.



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