Ryanair woes continue as Swedish and Netherlands-based pilots vote for industrial action (Updated)
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Airwise reports that industrial strife continues at Ryanair with the airline’s Netherlands-based pilots voting for industrial action.

The Dutch Airline Pilots Association said 99.5 percent of votes cast in a ballot supported industrial action, despite negotiations for a collective agreement with the carrier still going on.

“We are losing hope for a positive outcome. Ryanair needs a ‘wake up call’ and a strike in the Netherlands might be the only solution,” the union said in a statement.

Dutch ALPA said its demands are modest: that Dutch law should apply, no more “bogus self-employment”, and there should be sufficient sick pay and pension.

Sweden: A disagreement between union the Swedish Pilot Association (SPF) and Ryanair during negotiations over contracts is behind the action.

“We of course hope this means Ryanair come to the negotiating table. Should it not have any effect we will consider further action,” SPF chairman Martin Lindgren told news agency TT.

The move effects around 80 percent of Ryanair’s pilots in Sweden – more than 40 union members. It is not certain that the strike will impact travellers however.

“About 15 to 20 departures leave Sweden on an average Friday as far as I know. And Ryanair have been quite adept at moving pilots from other countries to strike-affected areas. They will likely try to do that here too,” Lindgren said.

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