Chinese parents protest a health scandal in the country after children were injected with faulty vaccines
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The New York Times reports that more than two dozen Chinese parents, shouting phrases including “Justice for the victims,” gathered outside a government building in Beijing on Monday to protest a vaccine scandal that has become one of the most visible public health crises in China in recent years.

The protest followed reports this month that hundreds of thousands of children across China had been injected with faulty vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.

While the children appear to be unharmed, the episode undermined President Xi Jinping’s vision of a newly resilient China and his vow to eliminate corruption and abuse in the nation’s food and drug industries.

The protesters, standing outside the offices of the National Health Commission, called for stricter oversight of China’s drug industry, according to interviews with parents and images posted on social media. Holding a banner showing photos of children, the demonstrators rejected assurances by Chinese leaders that the issue was under control.

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