Migrant rescue operation might be in breach of International law by Italy
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TGCOM – SKYTG Nicola Fratoianni, a member of Liberi and Uguali the Ace 28, a support vessel to an oil rig, was involved in the rescue operations of a dinghy with 108 people on board. The operative room of Rome gave indications to coordinate with the Libyan Coast Guard and, taken on board the people, the Asso 28 followed the directions and disembarked them in the port of Tripoli.

If the transfer to Tripoli took place on the indication or instruction of the Italian coast guard than “it would be a very serious precedent” and would be the first refusal of an Italian ship. 

Oscar Camps tweeted “Aso Ventotto Italian flag boat rescues 108 people in international waters, is now deporting to Libya, a country where human rights are not respected. No possibility of giving asylum or shelter. This is a flagrant hot return. ”

“We do not know yet if this operation is carried out on the instructions of the Italian Coast Guard, but if so it would be a very serious precedent, a real collective rejection of which Italy and the master of the ship will respond before a court”.

“International law requires that people rescued at sea must be taken to a safe haven and the Libyan people, despite the mystification of reality by the Italian government, can not be considered as such”.

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