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Malta’s news papers front pages are predominantly following up the publication of the Egrant inquiry.


Newspaper Headlines Malta


The entire Egrant inquiry will not be published for “at least a few weeks”, as the government is still being advised against it, The Sunday Times of Malta is informed. Sources in the Office of the Prime Minister told this newspaper yesterday that police investigators had asked the government not to publish the magisterial inquiry until its preliminary investigations had been concluded.


MaltaToday reports that two sources privy to the investigation led by magistrate Aaron Bugeja, informed it that Jonathan Ferris allegedly told Bugeja that it was John Dalli – the former EU Commissioner – who suggested during a police interrogation that Egrant belonged to the Labour Party. Dalli was later called in by Bugeja for an explanation, and denied having ever told Ferris such a statement.


MaltaToday also carries an interview with the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat. In her interview Muscat speaks about the experience since the first time the Egrant allegation came out, the impact on her life and on the life of her children. She also speaks about Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder and their relation. She also says that despite the seriousness of the allegation she always knew the truth, and so did those who knew her and her family.


It also reports that Simon Busuttil’s support of Pierre Portelli, the former Malta Independent director, over fears he might have to face charges over falsified declarations of trust submitted to the Egrant inquiry is a reminder that Delia too is hamstrung by Egrant.


The Malta Independent on Sunday reports a week, it is said, is a long time in politics and in the wake of events since last Sunday, the Nationalist Party can certainly vouch for that. The party has spent the last week since the release of the Egrant inquiry conclusions last Sunday in turmoil and internal conflict in what can be described as a total meltdown. It adds that particularly yesterday it was a classic case of mixed messages from the two warring Nationalist Party camps, with those supporting current leader Adrian Delia claiming dissenting MPs are in retreat, and with those backing former leader Simon Busuttil insisting yesterday they have an “absolute majority” of PN MPs who are “prepared to stand up to be counted”.


Maria Efimova has been proved right about “Pilatus Bank’s client list, about the relationship between the bank and Nexia BT and Henley & Partners, and about the money laundering processes of the bank” despite the Egrant Inquiry’s conclusions, MEP David Casa told The Malta Independent on Sunday in an interview in today’s issue. Illum reports that the FIAU wants that David Casa is stripped from his immunity to be able to start proceedings for having broke the law by publishing documents related to investigations.


In other news…


Earthquake indonesiaA shallow, magnitude 6.4 earthquake early Sunday killed at least 10 people and injured 40 on Indonesia’s Lombok Island, a popular tourist destination next to Bali, officials said.



firesAn orange alert has been issued in Sardinia due to an outbreak of wildfires across half of the island, with Greece and Sweden already battling devastating fires. Friday parts of England were hit by thunderstorms and fires while California’s wildfires have become the new normal.



Cardinal McCarrickIn a move seen as unprecedented, Pope Francis has effectively stripped U.S. prelate Theodore McCarrick of his cardinal’s title following allegations of sexual abuse, including one involving an 11-year-old boy which dates back decades.



nunsRevelations that a prominent U.S. cardinal sexually abused and harassed his adult seminarians have exposed an egregious abuse of power that has shocked Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic. But the Vatican has long been aware of its heterosexual equivalent — the sexual abuse of nuns by priests and bishops — and done little to stop it, an Associated Press analysis has found.



Copy of Russia usJust two days after the White House postponed plans to have President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia visit Washington in the fall, the Russian leader said on Friday that he had invited President Trump to visit him in Moscow.



Pakistan ElectionsPakistan’s main parties rejected the outcome of elections won by cricket star Imran Khan and announced protests demanding new polls Friday, after foreign observers criticised the pivotal vote over rigging allegations.



Trump EconomyTax cuts and federal spending are adding fuel to the already strong economy, putting the United States on a pace for its best year of growth in well over a decade.



Copy of Middle East 2Israel is to build hundreds of new homes in a settlement in the occupied West Bank where a Palestinian stabbed three Israelis, one fatally



Royal Wedding PriestThe beloved priest, who is in charge of the US Episcopalian Church, was diagnosed a few months ago meaning he would have likely known about his condition while he was at the wedding. Curry told members of his church that he has elected to have his prostate surgically removed adding that “the prognosis looks very good and quite positive.”



ghanaNobody could keep a straight face in Ghana’s parliament when MP John Frimpong Osei began listing the names of some villages in his constituency that included references to genitals.



nutella testingTasting different types of cacao, hazelnut grains, and other half-finished desserts and getting paid for it. No experience is necessary to apply for the unusual vacancy advertised by a temporary agency on behalf of Ferrero, which makes the famous Nutella.







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