The Malta Evening News RoundUp
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A brief review of the main headlines of the stories in Malta based on what was reported on the Maltese news portals.

TVM reports that the Anti-Drug Squad has made another successful drug haul. Late on Thursday afternoon, two vans which had long been under surveillance, were found to have been carrying more than 200 kilos of cannabis.

Read more on TVM


Net News reports that there were two hold ups in a relative short time in the past hours. One took place in Tarxien and the other in Birkirkara.

Read more on NET 


MaltaToday reports that PN leader Adrian Delia said on Xtra on Thursday that Nationalist Party was wrong about Egrant, and it needs to be able to admit this in order to be credible.

“The country needs a credible Opposition which is believed when it speaks about corruption… we were wrong on Egrant – and we need to say this. Not that the government is always wrong and that we are all right.”

Watch report and interview here. 


The Independent reports that Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina said in a Facebook post that any criminal action against Pierre Portelli, the executive chairman of would be a clear case of a frame-up. This would not only be an injustice, but a parody of justice, he wrote in his Facebook post.

Read more on The Malta Independent.  The story also features on Newsbook. 


One News reports that Parliamentary Secretaries Silvio Schembri and Aaron Farrugia, during a Labour Party Press Conference said that former PN leader Simon Busuttil should resign because he was ready to jeopardise the national interest on the basis of a lie.

Read more on One


Lovin Malta  reports that former Pilatus Bank employee Maria Efimova has resisted calls for her extradition to Malta, warning the country has become even more dangerous for her in the wake of the Egrant inquiry findings.

Read more on Lovin Malta


Malta Today reports that over 25 lay persons which include lawyers, homemakers, members of the medical profession, educators, entrepreneurs, a social worker, an architect and a psychologist amongst others – as well as former PN finance minister Tonio Fenech, former stock exchange chairman and anti-divorce campaigner Arthur Galea Salomone, former FIAU director Manfred Galdes, and architect Simone Vella Lenicker, have formed Catholic voices in Malta.

Read more here on Maltatoday


The Times of Malta reports that as fireworks colour the sky this weekend, some motorists may end up colouring their language as they navigate multiple road closures.

A good number of main thoroughfares will be closed to traffic on Saturday and Sunday evenings to enable fireworks to be let off as part of the celebrations of the feast of Santa Venera.

Read more here on The Times


The Times also reports that an argument between four young women in Paceville last weekend landed one of them with a fractured arm and the other three with a conditional discharge after each admitted to wrongdoing in court.

Read more about this on The Times


iNEWS reports about the story of a man who left Malta with his family when he was young and who is going around the world helping people to save them from committing suicide. The story came to the fore after a successful attempt through which he saved a Canadian youth.

Read more about this oniNEWS.







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