Syria’s sovereign right on Golan is not negotiable, can’t be abandoned or prescribed
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Sana News Agency: Acting Charge d’ affairs of Syria’s permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer said on Tuesday that Syria affirms its sovereign right on the Syrian Golan is not negotiable and can’t be abandoned or prescribed, and “our occupied territory should be fully restored.”

Munzer added during a UN security Council session on the situation in the Middle East that Israel stresses once again its solid relation to the terrorist groups through  targeting today a Syrian warplane that was shelling dens of Daesh terrorist organization on the sides of al-Yarmouk valley in Quneitra countryside.

He affirmed that Israel continues to reject abiding by international legitimacy resolutions due to the policy of some member states that provide the political cover and protection to it to go ahead in its occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

Munzer said that Syria has informed Security Council and the UN different bodies of the unlimited support offered by Israel to the terrorist organizations in the disengagement zone, including its repeated military direct aggression on the Syrian lands in a blatant violation of the disengagement agreement and the international laws.

“The policies of countries that support Israel have contributed to changing the occupied Palestine into a collective, open prison and paved the way for Israel to apply the policy of racial apartheid against the Palestinians,” Munzer affirmed.

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