Boris Johnson says it is ‘not too late to save Brexit’ as he describes PM’s Chequers plan as a ‘miserable, permanent limbo’
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The Telegraph: Boris Johnson has said that it is “not too late to save Brexit” as he savaged the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan as a “miserable, permanent limbo”.

The former Foreign Secretary said that the Government has spent the past 18 months in “a fog of self-doubt” having “dithered” and “burned through negotiating capital”.

He said that “worst of all” the Government had allowed the Northern Irish border issue “to become so politically charged as to dominate the debate”.

Mr Johnson said that when he and colleagues proposed technical solutions for customs checks, “they were never even properly examined” and it became “taboo” to even discuss them.

He urged the Prime Minister to return to the “glorious” Lancaster House speech she made last year of a “strong, independent self-governing Britain that is genuinely open to the World”.

“Not the miserable, permanent limbo of Chequers, the democratic disaster of ‘ongoing harmonisation’ with no way out and no say for the UK,” he said as he delivered his resignation statement in the House of Commons.

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