UN envoy to Libya says “unwise to hold elections currently” demands HoR to issue needed legislations
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The Libya Observer: The United Nations envoy to Libya briefed the UN Security Council on Monday about the latest developments in the country, urging member states to use pressure on “some parties who are still hindering the efforts to hold elections in the war-torn country.”

Salame, who spoke from Tripoli, told the UN Security Council that a recent agreement to resume oil production in Libya will not hold unless key issues concerning the distribution of wealth and endemic plundering of resources are immediately tackled.

“It would be difficult to advance the political process without action and without the right conditions, it would be unwise to conduct elections. Without clear and strong messaging to those who would attempt to stall or disrupt these elections, the conditions will not be met.” Salame said, explaining fears about the holding of the upcoming elections in Libya.

It is worth mentioning that Libyan parties agreed on May 29 in Paris to hold elections on December 10 this year and to that end, the Head of the Presidential Council. Fayez Al-Sirraj  Sunday 66 million dinars for the High National Elections Commission to carry out the democratic process.

The UN envoy also explained that the UNSMIL will redouble its efforts to push for economic reforms, as the very stability and unity of the country are at stake.

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