Open Arms releases shocking photos of a woman and child stranded at sea. Italian Interior Ministry claims its fake news.
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Libya would have left a woman and a child dead who were on board a boat in distress. 

This is reported by the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms publishing on twitter the photos of the two bodies at sea, among the remains of a boat. 

“The Libyan Coast Guard said it had intercepted a boat with 158 people providing medical and humanitarian assistance – wrote the founder of the NGO Oscar Camps – but they did not say that they left two women and a child on board and they did sink the boat because they did not want to get on the patrol boats “.


Matteo Salvini’s reply came along soon after the post saying “Lies and insults of some foreign NGO confirm that we are in the right: to reduce departures and landings means to reduce the deaths, and reduce the profits of those who speculate on illegal immigration. I hold on hard. #portichiusi and #cuoriaperti”, wrote on Facebook the Minister of the Interior. 

Sources of the Interior Ministry: “The version released by the NGO Proactiva Open Arms, according to which there would have been an omission of relief from the Libyans, “is a fake news”. This is what sources of the Viminale are saying, underlining that “in the coming hours” the version of third-party observers will be made public that deny the news that the Libyans would not provide assistance.”

Photos from La Repubblica can be seen here



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