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BELGIUM-SHOOTINGISIS has claimed responsibility of the Benjamin Herman, attack in Liege which meant the death of three people. “Two female police officers with a knife from behind, stabbing them repeatedly, before stealing their weapons and shooting them as they lay on the ground. Investigators were reported saying that this method is encouraged in online videos by the ISIS terrorist group.

Crossing the road, he fired several shots at a 22-year old man who was a passenger in a car, killing him. Herman then took at least one woman hostage at a nearby school. When police closed in, he ran out onto the sidewalk firing and police fatally shot him.

Herman was a 31-year-old drifter with a decade spent in and out of prison for acts of violence and petty crimes, committed the act while being a two-day release.

Earlier, the prosecutors’ spokesperson Eric Van Der Sypt, told the the facts are qualified as terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder.

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