Hope and despair from the ‘unknown’, fuel the debate towards the meaningful Brexit vote
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As the Brexit vote looms in parliament, hope and despair from ‘the unknown’ dominates the Brexit News in the past hours.

Here’s a quick roundup.

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>The Tories are on the brink of a historic split, senior Conservatives have warned, as Brexiteers and Remainers both threatened to torpedo the Government if they did not get their way on Brexit.

Pro-EU MPs claimed  a third of the Cabinet would resign if Theresa May pursued a no-deal Brexit in the face of almost certain defeat over her deal, as they threatened a walkout of backbenchers that would obliterate the Government’s Commons majority.

At the same time, The Sunday Telegraph understands that several senior ministers are agitating Mrs May to immediately open talks with Labour MPs about a compromise involving a permanent customs union if her deal is defeated by a large margin on Tuesday.

> Theresa May has warned of a “catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust” in democracy if MPs reject her Brexit deal on Tuesday and the UK remains in the European Union.

With just two days to go before the House of Commons vote on her withdrawal agreement, the prime minister, writing in the Sunday Express, pleaded with parliamentarians to “do what is right for our country” and back the controversial exit plan.

May said the UK risked crashing out of the EU without a deal or, if MPs were “unwilling” to face the uncertainty of no deal, then the UK might not leave at all.

In what she described as the “biggest and most important decision that any MP of our generation will be asked to make”, the prime minister said it was time for politicians to “deliver” for the people.


> The British government is hoping for further assurances from the EU to win round skeptical backbenchers to supporting Theresa May’s Brexit deal, according to Business Secretary Greg Clark, Politico reports.

In a key vote Tuesday, MPs in the House of Commons are widely expected to vote down the Brexit deal that EU and U.K. negotiators struck in November. There is particular unease that the Northern Ireland backstop, which is designed to protect the Good Friday peace agreement by avoiding the need for a hard border, may prove impossible for the U.K. to exit.

“I hope that our colleagues in Europe will also reassure skeptics in the U.K. that the Irish backstop is not intended to be a perpetual arrangement,” Clark told German paper Die Welt in an interview published Saturday, adding: “I hope that over the next few days the cabinet and the prime minister will be able to provide assurance that won’t be the case.”

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Friday in Bucharest that the EU is in discussions with the U.K. government about “clarifications” over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement but reiterated the bloc’s unwillingness to renegotiate the deal.


> In an interview with Der Spiegel, former British cabinet minister David Davis said he believes the Brexit deal between the EU and Britain will ultimately fail.

The politician also expresses doubts about the predicted chaos that could spark

Davis resigned from Brexit secretary position in July because he rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to secure a so-called “soft” Brexit. If May fails to secure parliamentary approval for the Brexit deal she secured with the EU during a vote next week, it’s possible she will have to resign. If that happens, Davis is considered a favorite for succeeding her at 10 Downing Street.


> Labour MPs have been told to prepare for Jeremy Corbyn to table a dramatic and immediate vote of no confidence in Theresa May’s government as early as Tuesday evening in an attempt to force a general election if – as expected – she suffers a heavy defeat this week on her Brexit deal, The Guardian reports. 

Messages have been sent to Labour MPs, even those who are unwell, to ensure their presence both for the “meaningful vote” on the prime minister’s Brexit blueprint on Tuesday and the following day. Labour whips have told MPs the no-confidence vote is likely to be tabled within hours of a government loss, with the actual vote taking place on Wednesday.




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