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Your morning briefing for Friday brings you the latest from the world and a review of Malta’s main newspapers and the developing story related to the warning issued by GRTU, about possible action at fuel pumps in view of dispute with Government.

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Developing Story:

GRTU does not exclude taking action at fuel pumps as it registers dispute with Government – The GRTU has warned that it does not exclude if taking actions in the coming days to protect its members interests in view of what it referred to as lack of reaching an agreement on pending issues despite ongoing talks since 2014.

The GRTU said they the situation is such they even those points on which an agreement has been reached are not being honoured by the government. In view of this the GRTU warned they it doesn’t exclude taking further action to protect the interest of its members.

The Newspaper Review :

The Malta Independent carries an interview with PN General Secretary Clyde Puli who challenges anyone working against party leader Adrian Delia to come forward. Puli also denies rumours that Adrian Delia has offered him his resignation.

The Times reports on a survey by the Malta Union of Teachers which reveals that more than a fifth of teachers experience aggression every day, while 87 percent said they have suffered aggressive behaviour in the past two years. In three-quarters of the cases teachers say that aggression comes from students.

The Malta Independent quotes Minister Konrad Mizzi who declared under oath that he never knew about secret companies 17 Black or Macbridge until they were exposed in the media. The minister was facing cross-examination in a series of libel cases he filed including on stories related to the Panama Papers.

The Times speaks to PN candidate for the European Parliament elections Michael Briguglio who supports a debate in the party’s executive council about the allegations levelled against leader Adrian Delia. Briguglio insists that the party does not need a ‘show of force’ but a mature discussion.

L-Orizzont says that officials within the Nationalist Party are considering installing MP Chris Said as interim leader until the elections in May. Said was runner-up in the 2017 leadership contest which elected Adrian Delia.

In-Nazzjon features the PN headquarters in Pietà on Thursday evening as ‘hundreds’ showed up in support of party leader Adrian Delia. Addressing the crowd, Delia said that when truth and hope are attacked, those who cherish these principles come forward.

L-Orizzont says that the flu season this year has been milder than last year. Quoting a spokesperson for the Health Ministry, the paper says that less cases were reported this season.

The Headlines :

The “whole world” wants to avoid a no Deal Brexit – Japan PM

Tesco and Marks and Spencer’s stockpiling packet and tinned foods as part of ‘no-deal’ Brexit preparations

Las Vegas authorities issue warrant to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo DNA test in view of rape accusations

Man decapitated by helicopter blades in Florida – Investigations underway

Cohen agrees to give full and credible account of his work for Donald Trump

Buffon speaks about his fight with depression


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