Malta: GRTU does not exclude taking action at fuel pumps as it registers dispute with Government
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The GRTU has warned that it does not exclude if taking actions in the coming days to protect its members interests in view of what it referred to as lack of reaching an agreement on pending issues despite ongoing talks since 2014.

The GRTU said they the situation is such they even those points on which an agreement has been reached are not being honoured by the government.

In a statement issued early on Friday, the GRTU said despite a number of meetings to discuss the level of support its members will get to be able to abide by the required changes determined by ERA and REWS, Minister Joe Mizzi seems to deploy delaying tactics and play for time. What’s worse in the circumstance is that Minister Mizzi is retracting on progress in the talks that had been achieved in the past.

In view of this the GRTU warned they it doesn’t exclude taking further action to protect the interest of its members.

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