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These are the main news from Malta.

Almost nine in ten teachers said they experienced aggression in schools in the part two years. MaltaToday reports on a study by the Malta Union of Teachers who said that many times the aggression is of a physical nature. Around a quarter of educators said they suffer aggressive behaviour daily.

LovinMalta reports on planned regulations for the use of recreational marijuana which require users to enter a state register. Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli said the practice forms part of a harm reduction strategy, but advocacy group ReLeaf criticised the move, saying it deters users who would not want their names appearing in the list.

Konrad Mizzi denies any knowledge about 17 Black under cross-examination in court. The Times quotes the Tourism Minister who said un der oath that he never had any involvement with the once-secret company, or a second one, Macbridge. Mizzi was being grilled in connection with libel cases he filed.

Malta has been listed in a UN report among Western countries with a high-rate of human trafficking. The Shift News carries a story on the 2018 Global Report on Trafficking which says that the crime is rising worldwide. Most trafficked persons received by Malta are of sub-Saharan origin with central and eastern Europeans the next big group.

PN General Secretary Clyde Puli told The Malta Independent that party leader Adrian Delia never offered him his resignation. Asked about party insiders who want Adrian Delia removed from leader, Puli urged anyone challenging the current leadership to come forward.

Actor Davide Tucci said that he has become a victim of a fake news campaign currently promoting cryptocurrency. A video he posted online was picked up by Newsbook which says that the Maltese-Italian actor has reported the case to the Cyber Crime Unit.

The government has called on Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to refrain from repeating incorrect information about migrant relocations.One News says that the government contradicted claims by the Italian Deputy Prime Minister that EU countries have not participated in relocation programmes and invited Italian authorities to revise statistical data on the issue.

The President and the Apostolic Nuncio both spoke about the standoff between European countries with regards to the stranded migrants. Net News says that the two leaders showed displeasure at the way the situation was handled and urged leaders to build a plan.

TVM carries a story about a married couple who have adopted a girl from India after eight years trying to have children. Fiona and David Anastasi were guests on TV programme Dissett and spoke about their experience since getting married in 2010.

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