Buffon speaks about his fight with depression
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Gianluigi Buffon has opened about mental health by revealing he suffered from depression during his career.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Buffon recalls the depression that struck him more than fifteen years ago: “For a few months, everything lost meaning. It seemed to me that others did not interest me, but only the sample that I was incarnating. That everyone asked Buffon and none of Gigi. It was a very complicated moment. I was 25, riding the wave of success and fame.”

One day, a few minutes from a championship match I approached Ivano Bordon, the goalkeeper’s coach, and I said to him: “Ivano, let Chimenti warm up, to play I do not feel like it”.

I had a panic attack. I was not able to support the race ». He went out, he says, talking to others: “If I had not shared that experience, that fog and that confusion with other people, maybe I would not have left. I had the clarity of understanding that that moment represented a watershed between surrendering and dealing with the weaknesses we all have. I’ve never been afraid to show them or cry, something that happens to me and which I’m not ashamed of at all. ”

Vanity Fair 


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