Over €70 million in assets in Malta, UK, Austria and the Isle of Man seized in an anti-Mafia controlled online gaming money laundering raid
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Italian Police have arrested 21 people including the Deputy Mayor of Misterbianco municipality in Sicily, in a massive anti-money laundering raid. The operation codenamed ‘Revolutionbet 2’ followed investigations into mafia-controlled online gambling, and uncovered ties to the powerful Santapaola clan in Catania and Nuvoletta di Marano in Naples.

The Guardia di Finanza seized €70 million in assets in Italy and other countries including Malta, the UK, Austria, and Isle of Man. More than 200 bank accounts were reported, and authorities confiscated weapons, 42 properties, 36 commercial activities, 24 betting centres, and 9 vehicles.

The Chief Prosecutor of Catania said the operation will now proceed to recoup illegal profits that have been shielded under a web of companies in multiple jurisdictions.

La Sicilia

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