Lithuania, Ukraine threaten to quit Interpol
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International police body Interpol is expected to elect a senior Russian official as its next president on Wednesday, in a move that has provoked alarm in Europe and the United States about the risk of Kremlin meddling.

Interpol’s 194 member states, meeting in Dubai for their annual congress, will hold the election on Wednesday morning, a spokesman for the Lyon-based agency said, with a candidate needing two-thirds of the ballots cast to be elected. Multiple voting rounds are possible.

Lithuania has threatened to quit Interpol, along with Ukraine, if the international police agency elects a Russian official as its new president on Wednesday (21 November).

Its parliament voted 88 to nil on a resolution on Tuesday, saying that “if Mr Prokopchuk was elected head of Interpol, Lithuania, together with other democracies, should immediately consider withdrawing from this organisation”.

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