Concerns as Russian might land top job at Interpol
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Nearly two months after the sudden disappearance of former Interpol President Meng Hongwei, reports indicate that the international police cooperation organisation is likely to elect Alexander Prokopchuk, a former major-general of Russia’s MVD, the country’s powerful interior ministry, as Meng’s replacement following the former’s October resignation and later indictment by the Chinese Communist Party for allegedly accepting bribes and violating other state laws.

New Europe reports Prokopchuk’s election, which was first reported by British officials, will raise major concerns amongst the world’s law enforcement agencies due to the Kremlin’s history of abusing Interpol’s “red notice” alerts to crack down on both Russian and foreign nations who with oppose or have run afoul of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Interpol’s “red notice” serves as an official request to the world’s security services to arrest an individual pending extradition to the country where they have been brought up on charges.

The choice of the 56-year-old Prokopchuk as Meng’s successor is likely to be seen as another blow to Interpol’s increasingly damaged reputation. Prior to being elected as Interpol’s president, Meng was a close confidant of Chinese President Xi Jinping and a staunch Communist Party loyalist who had also served as China’s vice minister of public security.


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