Monica Lewinsky takes responsibility for the Clinton affair in new documentary which positions the story for the MeToo era
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A new documentary exploring the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal is telling a story for the #MeToo era through interviews with a number of people close to it, including Lewinsky herself.

The Clinton Affair, a six-part series which begins airing Sunday on A&E, recounts the sexual relationship between the former U.S. president and White House intern as well as the emotional aftermath when that relationship became public in 1998.

CBC reports that in the documentary, Lewinsky takes responsibility for the affair and also describes many low points, including contemplating suicide when she was being interviewed by FBI agents in a hotel room

Twenty years later, a once over-exposed Lewinsky said it was time to share her story in her own words — particularly because, she says, most versions of the story until now have been told by men.


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