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Like every Sunday, our Morning Briefing focuses on the various reports on Malta’s Newspaper front pages.

Start your day informed.

The Sunday Times says that to investigators in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case have identified the suspected masterminds behind the murder. The suspects are believed to be Maltese nationals as sources told the newspaper that the investigation is at an advanced stage.

Il-Kullħadd carries a report about the declarations done by Europe in connection with the investigation on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder during a hearing of the European Parliament. The report says that Europol’s declaration is a certificate to the ongoing investigation.

Illum reports that a survey showed that Minister Ian Borg is the most popular Minister with 52.3% of support. The story says that the survey, which was part of It-Torca’s survey was kept hidden. The report on Illum contextualise this survey as part of the leadership succession within the Labour Party, as it refers to a Malta Today survey which had put Borg as the least popular amongst those earmarked for the party leadership.

Another story in The Sunday Times says that police have been investigating 17 Black since March, when they received information that the once-secret Dubai company was owned by Electrogas director Yorgen Fenech.

The Independent on Sunday reports that the daughter-in-law of PL go-to lawyer is set to be nominated for the bench after the retirement Judge Antonio Mizzi, and a magistrate will be moved up to judge. Dr Nadine Lia has served as legal adviser to the Economy Ministry under Chris Cardona.

MaltaToday says that Satabank challenged an MFSA decision to appoint competent persons to take control of the bank at the tune of €689 an hour. The bank said the fees it is being charged as compensation to the international team is exorbitant and has lodged a formal protest with the Financial Services Tribunal.

Another story in The Independent on Sunday says that the property owners of the band club premises in Paola have filed a case against the Attorney General and Antione de Paule Club. The club was order by the Courts to be evicted, but shortly before the enforcement, a new was passed saying that band clubs can only be evicted if they fail to pay rent. The owner of the property in Paola say the law breaches their human rights.

MaltaToday says that former Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella said he was unaware that a French spy ring was based in Balzan, as a story in the newspaper announced. Vella said the government would not have allowed the nine-man cell to operate, before their plane crashed on the airport runway in 2016.

Another story in MaltaToday says that persons around PN Leader Adrian Delia are anxious about lawyer Bernard Grech, who the paper says has been approached by the party to contest the upcoming MEP elections but has yet to give an answer.

It-Torċa says that the medicinal cannabis industry in Malta is expected to be values at €10 million by 2028. The newspaper reports that company Columbia Care has been given a licence to operate in the sector, making it the first US medicinal cannabis company to operate in the EU.

In another article, It-Torċa speaks to PL MEP Alfred Sant who said that Malta’s economy would remain strong without the IIP programme. The former Prime Minister was reacting to a recent report by a European Parliament committee asking for the phasing out of passport-sale schemes.

Il-Mument says that the Office of the Prime Minister is furious that Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne accepted to debate a motion about 17 Black, presented in parliament by the Opposition. Chris Fearne was acting Prime Minister while Joseph Muscat was away.

Il-Mument speaks to PN Secretary General Clyde Puli about the party General Council that will open tomorrow. The theme of the week-long Council is Prosperity for everyone in a Society that Cares.

Illum’s front page deals with the working conditions of the workers at the Gozo Hospital, who amongst others, are working on monthly contracts.


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