Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder masterminds identified – The Sunday Times – (UPDATED)
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UPDATE: Minister Michael Farrugia told Italian media that investigators are gathering more evidence and it is only after concrete evidence is identified that people could be arrested in connection with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Speaking to TG3 on Sunday evening, Farrugia said that investigations are still ongoing and that Europol has a wide net of data that are being analysed. The Malta Independent .

Reuters reported an update to the original story saying “It is not as it is reported, no … we have not found out who is behind it yet,” the source, who had been briefed at a senior level on the investigation, told Reuters. Separately, Caruana Galizia’s sister, Corinne Vella, told Reuters the “family was not formally informed by police that the suspected masterminds had been identified”.

Meanwhile various media outlets around the world carried the story published by The Sunday Times. 

These included :

POLITICO – Investigators identify suspects behind Maltese journalist murder: report

Reuters – Malta police identify suspected journalist murder masterminds: report

Al Jazeera – Malta ‘identifies masterminds’ of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder Investigative journalist’s murder last year stunned the small island country and prompted international condemnation.

The Original Story

The Sunday Times of Malta reports that the Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murders masterminds have been identified.

In a report by Ivan Martin, we read about a group of more than two Maltese nationals who are believed to have masterminded the murder. The investigators claim that these people had different motives but came together to commission the murder.

The sources quoted by The Sunday Times dont’t mention whether the suspects come from the political, criminal or business class.

The Sunday Times is reported to have been told that the investigations are at a very advanced stage, in so much that the suspects have been identified. At the same time no indication of how much longer time is needed has been mentioned.

The same sources refer to the role of Euorpol who are also assisting Malta’s investigators in this case.

You can read online version here.

Meanwhile Caruana Galizia’s son, Matthew, has an interview on the British Times. The report says “Matthew’s eyes blaze as he expresses his frustration with the police, who “scarcely communicate” with his family now: “It’s a mixture of incompetence, disrespect and outright disdain for us and what we’re trying to do.” The police still believe the person who ordered the murder is at large: “They are looking at it as simply an opportunity to attack the lowest levels of organised crime, not going after the people who gave the orders.”

Daphne’s family are worried that elements in the government are protecting that person, as no one has listened to them about the likely involvement of organised crime in her death.

Similarly, the prosecutor refused to act on stories his mother reported about politicians: “[He] dismissively says, ‘You can’t expect us to prosecute over something that was published on a blog’, but it’s not evidence that my mother created; it came from whistleblowers and people within the government.”

Full article can be accessed here.


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